Casino Pride

Casino Pride – All you need to know before visiting Pride Casino is that this amazing place is one of the most desirable establishments of its kind in Goa and probably in the rest of the world.

The main advantage is the fact that this casino is located on a huge cruise ship. There are two main parts, the original and first Casino Pride 1 and a newer version Casino Pride 2.

Casino Pride

Casino Pride

Visitors can purchase one ticket and visit both casinos, play games and more. We can add that there is unlimited food and drinks, Indian and international games and of course accommodation. There are still many things you need to know about this establishment, and they all await you below.

The Majestic Pride Casino @ Goa (india)

Pride Goa Casino is located on the Mondobi River in Panjim. It is also the capital of Goa and one of the most beautiful places in all of Asia. The casino is owned by Casino Pride Group, who have been offering this type of service for a long time. They have received many awards and are known as one of the largest casino-related groups in the world.

Pride Casino consists of two separate casinos, 1 and 2. You can visit both and play the games you like. Best of all, the casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As some of you might expect, there is an entry fee for Pride Goa Casino. This is common to all casinos in Goa. In comparison, Casino Palms and Casino Paradise require INR 1000 as entry fee. However, this fee is basically an entrance ticket and nothing more. Pride Casino is a little different in this scenario.

Pride Casino has different entrance fees depending on the day of the week. For example, the entry fee from Monday to Thursday is INR 1500. But you get one time voucher of 500 INR to use in games. The entry fee from Friday to Sunday is INR 2000 and also includes a one-time INR 500 voucher.

Casino Pride Goa Entry Fee

All coupons give you additional benefits. You get unlimited food and drinks from the buffet and get live performances between 9pm and 11pm. There is also a children’s area.

Casino Pride is owned by Casino Pride Group. Currently, the group has 5 casinos in Goa and each of them is more than just popular. Their casinos are considered to be one of the best and this is the main reason why they have many awards in their collection.

Casino Pride Group owns and operates several casinos such as Casino Pride 1 and 2, Casino Palms and Casino Paradise. The pride of the casino is responsible for achieving the Indian tourism awards as the best casino in the country! We can only add that many more awards will be presented to this great owner in the near future.

Casino Pride

At Casino Pride, you can enjoy all the perks in casual attire thanks to Casino Pride’s casual dress code. Almost anything is allowed except tank tops, shorts and flip flops. Long-sleeved T-shirts and regular pants are allowed. The same goes for shoes, sneakers and boots.

Casino Pride 2

Casino Pride packages are available in 3 variants. All are intended for 2-3 people and are valid for two days. The first is the cash package. This package costs you INR 19,000 and offers you accommodation at Hotel Le Capitole or Prime Park.

The second pack is gold and will cost you INR 22,000. This package also allows you to stay at the Fidalgo Hotel or Country Inn and Suites. Platinum is the latest package that costs between Rs 30,000 and Rs 32,000. You get accommodation at La Calypso or Neo Majestic hotels.

As you would expect, Casino Pride games offer plenty of entertainment. However, they are split between international and Indian games. The full list of games awaits you below.

All games are known for their professional design, offer above average odds and are available throughout the week for all of you. Remember that the games are available in both Casino Pride casinos (1 and 2). Professional dealers and they will help you play even better. We can also add that the games are available all year round and are always ready to accept your bet. Choose a game that suits you and your play style and you’re good to go. There is no doubt that you will have a lot of fun. If you are from Europe, United States or other countries other than India, we recommend you to try the Indian games. They are not something you can play anywhere else but here and you will understand why after the first bet.

Best Casinos In Goa

Pride Goa Casino Hotel offers excellent accommodation in addition to its magnificent casino. The first is Neo Majestic. It offers 72 double beds, has 5 stars and is combined with an amazing casino of 5000 square feet. The hotel also allows its visitors to enjoy a gym, sauna, spa and other various goodies as you would expect from a 5-star establishment. The place is known for its beauty, professional staff and countless perks and benefits. It’s something you’ll have to see to find out. Don’t forget there are also 3 restaurants. They can prepare any meal for you in minutes.

The other hotel commonly associated with Casino Pride is La Calypso. It is on the beach near the real casino and has amazing shafts. The place is known as an oasis and has been visited by travelers from all over the world in recent years. This is another casino we like and want to recommend staying here.

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Casino Pride

No affiliation with online casinos or organizations represented on this site. We do not claim credit for related images posted on the site unless otherwise noted. Images are copyright of their owners. Casinos are an exciting pastime for people looking for a change. Food, games and the chance to make it big in the game can be exciting. Goa is one of the three states in India that host and celebrate casinos. While land-based casinos can be fun, Majestic Pride Casino is the best beach casino in Goa that adds the icing on the cake.

Casino Pride, Panjim, Goa

However, what many do not know is that the casino experience is not just a game. It can be much more; There are several factors that come together to create a compelling casino experience. These can range from design, customer service, varied menu, entertainment activities and easily ending with financial transactions. Majestic Pride Casino takes all these factors into account. The casino has been carefully crafted to create a space that promotes a positive attitude and provides an enjoyable experience.

The game catalog is an integral part of a casino. Games should be chosen to allow healthy competition between you and your friends. At Majestic Pride Casino, the game catalog is rich and varied and includes both international and regional Indian games to suit every player’s taste. Some of the most loved games include Roulette, Blackjack, Mini Flash, Papalo, Under Bahar, Baccarat, Mang Fata, Flash, Tai Sai as well as the unique progressive jackpot slots to pack the perfect entertainment. The casino provides an equal selection of fun and challenging games to give the player ample opportunities to have fun. What really enhances this experience is the fact that the casino is located on the beautiful Mandobie River. An offshore casino like Majestic Pride promises a royal gaming and entertainment experience.

Boredom is the last thing you want to experience in a casino. A diverse catalog of games provides excitement and fun and keeps monotony at bay. A touch of Indian and other Eastern gaming magic makes the game of Majestic Pride unique.

The game catalog at Majestic Pride Casino promises to keep you on your toes, giddy, excited, competitive and satisfied as you navigate your way. It creates the right kind of rush and creates opportunities to make the most of your evening.

Casino Pride/ Pride Ii Archives

Majestic Pride Casino has created a special place for itself in the hearts of its customers. It is loved not only for its wide variety of games, but also for its hospitality. It continues to be the largest waterfront casino in Goa and has a dedicated dining and entertainment area. Keeping in mind the cultural diversity of its guests, the casino has promised a spectacular menu to ensure there is something for everyone.

What’s more, to keep the night going and make sure you’re in the best space to give it your all, Majestic Pride Casino offers exciting food and beverage packages. The casino operates 24/7 and offers packages with unlimited access to a spacious complex

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