Casino Royale

Casino Royale – Casino Royale is the 21st film in the James Bond film series produced by Eon Productions. It became a rebooted series that renewed its continuity at the beginning of Bond’s career in 00, and it was the first film in which Daniel Craig appeared as 007. The film is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Neil Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis.

Based on Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel Casino Royale, this is Ian Fleming’s first film since 1987’s The Living Daylights A Bond film with a story or short story to tell and its title, and the first film since 1989 to be directly based on Fleming And Die’s work. “, incorporating elements of Fleming’s novel). It is also considered to be the first film to adapt a Fleming novel more or less faithfully since 1973’s Live and Let Die, because the films all this season used only selected elements from Fleming’s stories, Whether based on a short story (needs expansion), or an original work. The movie marks the third series of Casino Royale , following the 1954 TV series and the 1967 spoof; however, according to EON productions, the 2006 release is believed to be the only adaptation of Fleming’s novel “Official” adaptation.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale

In the film, Bond must defeat the criminal banker Le Chivere in a high-stakes game of poker to stop his criminal organization from financing terrorists. He was assisted by CIA agent Felix Leiter and British Treasury liaison Vesper Lynd.

Issue 31 Of Casino Royale (swiss James Bond 007 Fanzine)

In Prague, Czech Republic, James Bond is looking for an MI6 agent, Dryden, who is selling secrets to the enemy for a profit. They chat about becoming a Double-O agent (one of the requirements of the double murder), and Bond tells Dryden that his spy contact Fisher is dead and “not doing well”. Overlooking the conversation are black and white shots of Bond and Dryden fighting in the men’s room. Bond finally pushes the man’s face into the overflowing sink and holds him there until he falls to the ground, apparently dead. Dryden points a gun at Bond. “What a pity, they hardly know each other.” He pulled the trigger, but James had already removed the bullet from the weapon. “I know where you put your gun, I think it’s important.” Dryden continues to taunt Bond, asking if he feels any remorse or guilt for killing Fisher. Bond remained, expressionless. Dryden tells Bond “don’t worry, the second one is-” this is when Bond kills Dryden. Bond puts his gun away and says, “Yeah, pretty much.” (Though it’s not explicitly stated, Bond realizes that it’s “easier” to kill Dryden than before.) The scene is quickly cut to the series’ iconic “Barrel” sequence. Bond turned and shot the man. Blood flows down the frame, triggering the prelude.

The scene has moved to Uganda, where the terrorist group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army is meeting with Le Chiffre, the person who keeps personal money of terrorist groups around the world. This businessman is Mr. White who invests his own money and manages the stock to get 100% return on his investment. The Lord’s Resistance Army, represented by Steven Obanno, agreed to loan Le Chiffre the money for his nefarious purposes.

In Madagascar, Bond works with another MI6 agent, Carter, to track down a terrorist, Moraka, who is having a fight between Cobra and Mongoose. Carter’s experience was revealed when Moraka found a cell phone and the terrorists fled the scene. Bond chases Moraka, a “free runner,” who leads Bond to a construction site, over some cranes, and finally to Nambutu’s office where take refuge in it. Bond attacks the ambassador, in direct violation of international law and his orders, and arrests Moraka. Bond fights his way into the embassy and finds himself surrounded by armed guards. The ambassador arrives and orders Bond to let Moraka go. Bond shoots Morak and a nearby oil tank, hitting the explosion. He also stole the backpack that Moraka was carrying. Searching his backpack, he found a cell phone and a bomb. Bond briefly checks the person’s message and sees one with an American phone number and the word “ellipsis”. Bond hung up the phone.

Back at MI6, M is furious that 007’s chaos was recorded in Nambutu’s office. Later Bond sneaks into M’s house and pulls his top clearance so he can trace the origin of the cell phones. When M came in, he surprised her and taught her good manners and manners. He thought it was wrong to give him the 00 position. Bond assured him that “life is short for the post-00s, so your mistakes will be short.” M tells him that “pride and self-promotion rarely go together” and that he wants to take the money away. the metaphor . He also asked him to take a short break until he could decide what would be the best way to deal with him. As Bond leaves, M tells Bond not to break into his house again (which he does again in Skyfall).

Daniel Craig Suggested James Bond’s Fate After ‘casino Royale’

Bond realizes that the call to Moraka is from the Bahamas, so he goes there to find out who is calling and why. He ended up finding a middle man, Alex Dimitrios, who worked for Le Chiffre, who was hired to find people who could do missions for Le Chiffre. Bond meets Demetrios and plays poker with him, winning his Aston Martin DB5 in the process. Bond uses the Aston to spend happy evenings with Dmitrios’ which Solange rejects in order to get information about her husband. He tells Bond that Demetrios is going to Miami.

Bond follows him to what Dimitrios is dealing with, as he sees Dimitrios leaving a bag for someone else to take later. Bond kills Dimitrios after threatening him with a knife; however, Bao disappears and Bond follows Carlos Nikolic, who has been hired to work for Moraka. Bond follows Carlos to Miami International Airport, removing a security suit from his bag and putting it on. He goes into the security area of ​​the airport, and Bond follows him, realizing that “ellipsis” is the security code to get through the gate. M calls Bond and tells Le Chiefell that Carlos is going to destroy a prototype of a large airline company called Skyfleet. The prototype is the largest aircraft in the world, and its destruction will displace Skyfleet Aeronautics. Carlos activates the building’s emergency response system to cause an emergency, forcing everyone out of the airport and into the air. on the tar. Carlos loaded the tank with explosives that looked like a key ring and began to take it to the plane. However, Bond manages to get on board. The two fought down the street as Miami-Dade police gave chase. In the end, Carlos jumps out of the truck, and Bond barely manages to keep the tank from crashing into the plane. After Bond is arrested, Carlos smiles and announces the charges. However, during the attack, Bond finds Carlos’ small explosive device and straps it to Carlos’ belt, and Carlos accidentally takes his own life.

Back in Nassau, Bond learns that Solange has been murdered when MI6 finds her body drowned in the nets of a fishing boat. M explained that Le Chiffre tortured and killed him because he was the only one alive and he thought he could speak. Le Chiffre’s plan is to “short sell” hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Skyfleet stock and, while destroying their models, cause it to explode. eat their stocks and go bankrupt. Le Chiffre lost more than $101 million because of Bond. Now that Le Chiffre is a celebrity, he has to find another way to get his money back so his investors don’t kill him. He organized a high-level poker tournament in Montenegro for 10 players, with an entry fee of $10 million apiece and $5 million to play. come when they lose all their money. M tells Bond about the poker game at the Casino Royale in Montenegro, and agrees to let Bond go on the mission, as he is the best poker player in the service. M also attached a tracking device to Bond’s left arm so he could track him from anywhere.

Casino Royale

The British government took the money and sent Vesper Lind, an agent of the British Treasury, to watch Bond and let him check, if he lost the money, he would not go. They talk about each other on the train, Vesper’s comment on her ruthlessness, Bond’s comment on Vesper’s tolerance. When they arrived, they pretended to be a married couple and met René

Casino Royale (2006): The Movie That Restarted The Bond Franchise

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