Crazy Time Free Demo

Crazy Time Free Demo – After Shopify introduced eCommerce 2.0, everyone is crazy about Shopify Dawn theme. As you might be surprised, there are tons of themes for your online store in the Shopify Theme Store. Why did dawn enter the picture?

Learn more about this theme and learn how you can provide your website visitors with a better shopping experience using the Shopify Dawn theme.

Crazy Time Free Demo

Crazy Time Free Demo

Shopify theme “Dawn” is built for better performance, simplicity and ease of use. The best thing about Shopify Dawn is that it uses all the new features of Online Store 2.0 (announced at Shopify Unite 2021).

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In the future, Shopify Morning will be the default theme on new Shopify stores, replacing the previous theme. So we can assume that something interesting has been added to this topic. By far, Debut is one of the most used themes. And if you’re a Debut theme user, you’ll be happy to see a better theme, right?

The Shopify 2.0 Dawn theme is Shopify’s first open source design theme. Built with semantic markup with HTML and CSS to create great content in all browsers. So if you want to give your Shopify store a new look, Dawn is the perfect theme for you. Yes, you can personalize and impress your customers by adding useful and complete Shopify apps like iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell to offer great shopping options.

When we talk about it, it’s mostly about speed. The Morning theme has 35% faster loading time than the Debut theme – the best Shopify theme. Automatically removes unused documents or code from templates. So it loads faster compared to other themes.

If you choose a breakfast theme for your store, you choose the best offer for your store visitors.

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Parts are made worldwide in Online Shop 2.0. So, not only home page, if you want to create product page, blog page, collection page or any other page, you can easily do it. Using metafields, Shopify makes it easy for you to manage your content.

The app block allows you to move the app anywhere on the page without touching the theme files. In addition, sections and blocks provide flexibility in the design and content of your store. You can add a powerful database to your store using Shopify Metafields.

As you can see, I’m ready to start our journey with the Dawn theme editor. Lets start!

Crazy Time Free Demo

The Dawn theme editor is divided into 3 sections: (1) the left panel, (2) the preview section (middle), and (3) the right panel.

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The left side shows a layout or structure that shows the sequence of parts of your store page. Here you can easily find any section of the page and add sections or blocks (within section) if necessary.

By default, it shows the home page layout. You can change the template from the dropdown menu provided at the top of the information section.

The theme editor offers a view with three different preview options: (1) mobile, (2) desktop and (3) full screen.

This is where you should launch your store or theme. When you select a category on the left, all options for that category appear on the right.

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I know your goal is to be in top 10 shopify store or top 10 ecommerce site on the web where you need to explore every corner of theme template editing and test your work.

Before you start creating your theme, take a look at the pages available in Dawn.

(4) The main menu: including the main sections in the menus and the question and answer page. I suggest you open the Home menu.

Crazy Time Free Demo

5 Here you can link to collections.

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A banner is meant to attract website visitors with a great offer to encourage them to buy. You can add multiple advertising boxes to your store.

You can create 12 ad boxes according to your needs and activate or deactivate them depending on the offer you want to show your guests (by clicking on the face next to the ad).

The header section is a small area with your store name or logo and important links to other pages in your store. So, make sure you add important links and place them properly.

This section helps you present the big picture of your brand to your customers. Dawn performs banner analysis by combining multiple images into a single banner.

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You can add multiple image banners to your website. Banner image size of 1600 x 1050 pixels works well with desktop.

The Special Collection section helps us to showcase the best products or products to our store visitors. You can use it to display a collection of products.

This section can help you understand your store for your customers. You can explain something about your new brand or product etc.

Crazy Time Free Demo

So far, we’ve seen the default sections that Shopify adds to your Dawn theme home page. You can add other sections to your store using the “Add section” option.

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When you click Add Section on the left side of the theme editor, you can see a list of theme sections on the screen:

Thanks to Shopify Online Store 2.0, these theme sections are open to all pages of your store!

Shopify’s custom product page is amazing because it has everything you want to have on your product page. If you want a different design, you can create it yourself using the Create template option.

As you can see in the image above, there are two more sections available before the main page: (1) Product Information and (2) Product Reviews.

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This section gives you full access to the product block so you can easily choose which block to display and where to display it without editing the code.

One of the requested features you will find here is product recommendation. Shopify shows visitors related products (from the same collection) when they search for a specific product.

The collection page shows all the products of a particular collection. This example has two more sections than the main page: (1) the collection banner and (2) the product categories.

Crazy Time Free Demo

The photo you took when creating the collection will be displayed as the collection banner. You can create a collection banner from the right.

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The product image section provides you with various options to customize the product listing. You can change the settings as you like.

This page shows all the collections in a grid that you have created in your store. On the right, you’ll find options to customize the collection list page.

A contact page usually consists of two parts: (1) the page and (2) the contact form. You can add other sections to this page according to the needs of your store.

Here you can display all your blog posts for store visitors who want to read them. The blog page automatically organizes blog posts based on how many blogs you have.

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When a user opens a blog post, they are redirected to this page. You can organize blog post categories from the right sidebar.

In the Shopify Dawn theme, you can customize the cart page where you can add collections to be displayed as products or top selling ideas in the Subtotal section. Prevents apps from overspending.

Are you looking for more options or sales to increase your income? Next, you need to add the iCart Shopify app to your store. iCart Upsell app has many features like product sales, sales, discount levels, time sensitive offers, product bundles and more!

Crazy Time Free Demo

The homepage doesn’t offer any categories, but you can configure the checkout page in Theme Settings > Checkout.

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Here you will find the password, 404 page, search, gift card and customer account pages. Let’s take a look at the default design and theme customization options available for each page.

If you have already built your online store with Shopify, you are probably familiar with the theme settings available in the Shopify theme.

Shopify lets you customize the entire theme template from one place: the theme settings. Here you can find all the controls in your theme.

This section allows you to change the primary and secondary color of the button, label/text or theme background. To use gradient colors, you need to put CSS gradient code in the box.

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You can change the color of badges such as the sale badge and the sold badge. There you can find accessories to customize your entire model.

Here you can choose your maximum range

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