Crazy Time Live Casino

Crazy Time Live Casino – The game is prohibited for minors and can lead to pathological addiction – Consult the chance to win

The online casino game Crazy Time is a product of the software house Evolution Gaming in a charming and colorful atmosphere inspired by the classic game Wheel of Fortune.

Crazy Time Live Casino

Crazy Time Live Casino

The player will participate in a delicious live show at Crazy Time. All players will bet on the same wheel, and like live events, the results will be correct for anyone betting in real time.

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In each round, the player must guess at which part the wheel will stop. There is a lot of potential for interaction throughout the game, for example, increasing multipliers in the standard round and 4 Bonus games.

During normal play we will see the wheel and the “Top Slot” located at the top is activated. A multiplier will come out of the Top Slot and must match a certain wheel section. If the wheel returns exactly the value shown in the Top Slot, it will be awarded a multiplier bet or a bonus game.

There are 4 types of bonuses available: Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Crazy Time. All have multipliers, with a maximum value of x20000 for luck. The contestants have to choose between different betting options in order to get the most valuable prize if their intuition is correct.

Now let’s read the best game strategy to try to win in Crazy Time. Remember that this is a game of chance like roulette, blackjack and other online casino games. As a result, skill can help us, but luck is always needed to get good rewards.

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Like similar online games (Dream Catcher or Monopoly Live), the only useful strategy for Crazy Time is betting.

That is, stay consistent with the bet we choose, and when our score is not reached in many plays, try to increase the bet yourself. Of course, always play responsibly, and with a bet that allows for at least another 100 plays.

Another idea is to try playing the 4 Bonus Choice game for free, trying to win back the bet on an easy result like 1 or 2.

Crazy Time Live Casino

(For example: In Bonus Games we bet 5 euros for a total of 20 euros. To get money to play again, we bet another 20 euros on 1 or 10 euros on 2, so take this one will be free to play)

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This game strategy, which can be applied to Evolution Gaming software, is, contrary to what it seems, very dangerous because the stakes increase quickly, and I advise only to experienced players.

Some players like to play by betting on all parts of the wheel. This will lead to a certain loss, because betting all the wheels will be impossible to manage the balance trying to optimize the chance.

The advantage of this game technique is that by involving multipliers in lucky play we can always be a candidate for Big Win. For example, if you bet 1 euro on each result, the total bet will be 8 euros. If lucky x50 is placed in any result, we have a chance to get it. If the bonus game hits the full multiplier x200-x300 big win will be guaranteed.

Conditions apply: Only new players – minimum deposit € 20 – Maximum bonus € 140 – claim time 48 hours – 30x bet – 90 day limitCrazy Time is an exciting live casino game from Evolution Gaming. It is based on the popular Dream Catcher, while taking entertainment up to some live casino games.

Crazy Time Biggest Wins

At its core, the Crazy Time casino game is played on a large, colorful wheel. Unlike a regular cash wheel, Crazy Time also offers a multiplier to boost the prize value and features four bonus games where the action can get crazy.

Mixing live action with RNG gameplay, players have the chance to win prizes worth over 25,000 times their stake – not many coin reels can match that thrill!

At the beginning of each round two wheels spin. The first is the main money wheel divided into 54 parts, showing the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10 and the name of the bonus game.

Crazy Time Live Casino

Before the start of the round, the player chooses a bet and chooses whether the wheel will stop at the number or the bonus game. Of course, you can bet on more than one option if you like.

How To Play Crazy Time Live

When you play Crazy Time, one of the most successful games created by Evolution, the wheel spins, and if it stops in terms of choosing, win! If the win is a number, the player wins the bet multiplied by the winning number.

If the winning part is a bonus game, the player who bet on the part actually moves to another part of the studio to play the bonus round.

However, in addition to the main money wheel, a Top Slot also plays. Slot Top is divided into two reels. The left reel displays the numbers in the money wheel or the bonus game, while the right reel displays the multipliers.

If the winning portion of the money wheel appears on the left reel of the Top Slot, the right reel multiplier will be applied. In this way, it is possible to significantly increase the amount of money awarded!

Crazy Time By Evolution Gaming

Playing Crazy Time live, real fun happens in exciting bonus games. As mentioned above, if the main money wheel stops in any of the bonus games, the player who bet on it will move on to the next round. Crazy Time Live has four exciting bonus games to participate in:

The fourth bonus game is an amazing Crazy Time round held in an enchanting room full of animated entertainment. Players choose yellow, green or blue flappers and the blind coin wheel spins.

What the flappers represent is given to the player. Landing in the “Double” or “Triple” segment is possible. If this happens, the prize is doubled or tripled, and the wheel spins again.

Crazy Time Live Casino

To get the most out of the Crazy Time game, you may want to consider using a betting strategy. First, let’s say that no strategy or system will guarantee winning results all the time. Online casino games are structured so that the uncrackable factor of luck dominates.

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However, many players choose to use betting strategies to improve their results and maximize their enjoyment of playing casino games in the process.

The key to get the biggest win in Crazy Time in the four bonus rounds, which is where the bet multipliers are the biggest. This means that when creating a Crazy Time strategy, it is important to consider bonus round bets. Let’s see how you can start creating a Crazy Time strategy.

You can do different approaches based on volatility depending on your risk/reward tolerance. Lower volatility represents a “safer” approach, as more of the board is covered, so there is more chance of winning something.

Very volatile approach focused on winning bonus rounds, which happen less often, but when they lead to a huge potential reward.

Crazy Time Casino Live Apk For Android Download

Here are two examples of volatility-based strategies, where bets represent your bankroll units. For example, a unit can be 1% of your budget.

In theory, these bets will help you rebalance while allowing you to trigger two Crazy Time bonus games.

This strategy moves away from lower value gains to help increase the chance of higher gains. Statistically there is less chance of winning, so there is also stalling, but hits should be theoretically more when they come.

Crazy Time Live Casino

As mentioned, the Crazy Time strategy cannot produce winning results all the time – it’s like playing any other random game.

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However, if you are looking for a more systematic way to tackle the game, methodical betting helps you control your money, direct your bets in the way you like and achieve better results and levels of enjoyment. Good morning!

Crazy Time live can be played for just one rupee, making it suitable for any gaming budget.

Yes, you can! Customers play Crazy Time for fun and win real money. According to Crazy Time, the creator of Evolution Gaming, it is possible to win 25,000 times the bet.

Yes Indian players can play all our online casino games in rupees. Crazy Time casino game is one of the most popular and chosen by many Indian players.

Crazy Time Spielen: Tipps Zum Glücksrad Von Evolution Gaming

Money wheel is one of the most exciting games in many physical casinos. Developer Evolution has taken everything players expect from ordinary coin reels and dramatically increased the thrills, possibilities and winning potential. Add four bonus games, and it’s no wonder you spend so much time playing.

With all online casino games, luck is the key

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