Extreme Lightning Roulette Tracker

Extreme Lightning Roulette Tracker – Play XXXtreme’s new version of one of the most popular live casino games at Bitcoin.com Games; Evolution Lightning Roulette!

Live casino games are a great example of the next generation of casino games you can expect from Bitcoin.com Games. The live casino format is the closest anyone can experience to going to a traditional casino with real dealers behind the screen. Not only are the dealers well-trained in hosting live casino games, but their excellent characters can infuse the player’s gaming experience with a touch of luxury found only in the world’s most privileged locations.

Extreme Lightning Roulette Tracker

Extreme Lightning Roulette Tracker

Bitcoin.com Games has hosted many live casino games that can be played with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. A great example of a very popular live casino game offered at our crypto casino is the award-winning Lightning Roulette game from software developer Evolution. Now, continuing the tradition of thunderous visuals and thrilling gaming experience, the provider presents the XXXtreme version of the ever-popular game.

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Our crypto casino Bitcoin.com Games is giving you exclusive early access to the new XXXtreme Lightning Roulette game and a chance to win $2,000 worth of cash prizes. This latest addition to the live casino library is said to be one of the best games out there. Exciting games from the Evolution stable.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette combines a live casino format with a high-paying RNG element to offer an extremely entertaining experience. What’s so XXXtreme about this new release is that you can get 50x and 500x multipliers with just ten Lightning and Chain Lightning numbers in one game round, or win up to 2000x your bet with the exciting Double Strikes feature!

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is a new live casino game that has all the elements that made the original so exciting and brought it to XXXtreme. Play this new release and participate in the early access tournament to win cash prizes up to $1000 only in Bitcoin.com games.

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Extreme Lightning Roulette Tracker

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Lightning Roulette Strategy

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The CEO of Ripple Labs says the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against him and his company over XRP “went very well.” He emphasized, “This work is not only important for Ripple, it… read more. Evolution Gaming’s dramatic growth has been astounding. However, over the past two decades of online gaming, Evolution’s original Lightning Roulette has been very popular around the world. A number of Lightning games appeared, including Lightning Dice, Lightning Blackjack, and Lightning Baccarat.

The debut of a new game in the roaring family of live casino games is stunning. Recently, Evolution introduced a new game known as Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette. This is an enhanced version of the provider’s popular Lightning Roulette game. The game is designed for players who like to have fun in a more varied game.

This improved version of Lightning Roulette has multiple and huge multipliers. The original final version of the previous version introduces Chain Lightning multipliers and Double Strikes, unlike the multipliers that can go up to 2000x. This represents a massive 500x increase over the original multipliers.

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Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette beats the curious live casino enthusiast. With a picturesque black, red and gold studio environment, the new game takes the fun and excitement to the next level. The elegant and exciting studio creates dramatic tension and thrilling gameplay.

For the longest time, this is the only game that offers many opportunities to bet lucky and significantly increase your bet. Players must bet and guess the number on which the ball will land. For example, a Straight Up bet on Lightning or Chain Lightning should win a multiplier.

Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette has just launched in South Africa and is not available on many betting sites. Fortunately, Betway, one of the best betting sites in South Africa, offers Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette as well as a R2000 casino bonus for new players. Click here to login and register with Betway or see our Betway review for more information.

Extreme Lightning Roulette Tracker

When it comes to gaming experience, Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette is no different from any regular live roulette game. The rules governing the game are still similar to those in Europe. However, after placing a bet, the game has additional features.

Casinò Live Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette

One of the main elements of success in the game is the multipliers. Therefore, most players prefer the traditional version because this extended version is four times stronger.

Nevertheless, Evolution makes sure players have a good time once they get there, as the game features an automatic roulette wheel that spins every 16 seconds. Placing a bet is quite hassle-free. All you have to do is select a chip value and select any of the classic roulette betting positions displayed on the on-screen user interface (UI). Depending on our preferences, you can place any bet from R2 per spin.

During betting, a game round begins with the option to bet on the betting grid. This can be done in three ways:

After the betting time is up, the dealer pulls a lever to start the lightning number selection process. A maximum of five numbers are selected with multipliers up to 500x.

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An unplanned chain lightning feature can increase multipliers to an optimal 10. However, a double Red Lightning strike can increase multipliers from 600x to 2000x.

The payment of the game is different from its predecessors. As with all Lightning live casino games, the newly released version combines live dealer play with a high-paying Random Number Generator (RNG) element. The usual odd payout is 19:1. Normal roulette pays 35:1.

In order to get multipliers in this game, it is important to have the right betting strategies and tactics. Strategies increase the probability of getting a multiplier. It also helps keep you bankrupt while waiting for the multipliers to win.

Extreme Lightning Roulette Tracker

The most common tip to get the best chance of getting a multiplier is to make sure that each straight number has one bet. This gives you the opportunity to bet 36 credits and withdraw 19 credits per spin. You end up losing 17 units. While you will be a multiplier by doing this, the risk is very high and expensive. Therefore, if you have enough money, it is advisable to use this strategy.

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Second, you can place live bets on wheel parts. Although this strategy does not guarantee a win, you can still limit the amount you can deposit. That makes you 19-1 to win.

You can only get the multiplier effect by placing live bets. However, unlike the standard roulette counterpart, the rewards of these variants are much lower.

Yellow shows the first circle of lightning numbers. If you see the number glowing red instead of white, you should know that the Chain Lightning feature has reached it.

The great thing about this game is that it has a great multiplier that beats the original Lightning Roulette multipliers by 500 times. Multiplier Lightning Numbers with a maximum win of 2000x is activated by Chained Lightning Numbers and Double Strike. The minimum multiplier in this game is 50x.

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What’s incredible about his game is that the RTP for players is 97.30 percent and applies from zero to 1. The payouts are the same as regular European roulette payouts. The high volatility of the game makes it quite frustrating. But when you manage to crack it, it guarantees big wins.

Do not join any casino when you join. Search for a casino that provides the game, hello

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