Live Sic Bo Casinos

Live Sic Bo Casinos – Press Release.- BETER Live is the live casino brand of next-gen betting content and data provider BETER, whose product vertical includes sports, esports and gaming solutions. Games with live dealers have always been in demand and have recently gone from strength to strength and gained popularity among consumers worldwide, and BETER’s innovative and authentic digital table games are proof of that.

Sik Bo is a classic Chinese three-dice game that shares some similarities with roulette. In each round, the player has to predict what the outcome will be when the dice are rolled. BETER Live’s Sic Bo stands head and shoulders above other versions, thanks to its attractive side bets. The player can bet on big and small combinations, triples, one die, two dice and many other combinations.

Live Sic Bo Casinos

Live Sic Bo Casinos

BETER Live also features detailed statistics through a user-friendly interface to allow players to quickly and easily access information from each round. Sik Bo can be found in the company’s sleek and stylish Asian studio with multiple camera views to ensure total immersion in the audience experience.

Beter Presents Its Latest Game, Sic Bo

Commenting on the launch of Sik Bo, Director of Better Live, Anna Wikman said: “We are expanding our range of Asian games and taking our product to the next level. Sik Bo is a gambling classic that is popular across Asia. A favorite of many. Therefore, we want to expand our audience in the region and provide our customers with high quality It seemed like the obvious choice as we worked to deliver a completely new experience for the live casino product.

The company will use the opportunity to showcase its diverse and newly updated range of sports, sports, gaming and live B2B products at B620 on August 24-26.

Innovations on offer include BETER’s new iFrame solution with an exciting interface and attractive sports presentation, as well as three new live Asian sports that have recently strengthened the BETER Live collection. Evolution’s Super Sic Bo is a different type. A popular Asian game called Sik Bo. The developers added the possibility to increase your payouts with randomly obtained multipliers. In this guide, we will teach you how to play Evolution Release.

Super Sec Bo is played with three six-sided dice. A machine rolls the dice for a few seconds before stopping. Your prizes are determined by what bets you place and what numbers are displayed.

Super Sic Bo

Before the round actually starts, you have a short betting period. Players can choose one of the available coin values ​​and place it on the betting board. Available betting limits range from $0.20 to $10,000, but the exact limit may vary at your online casino.

There are many bets you can make. Players can place one or more bets at the same time. The available stacks are:

After you finish wagering, the machine starts spinning around. At the same time, a multiplier will randomly increase the payout for certain conditions.

Live Sic Bo Casinos

After all the multipliers are set, the dice shaker stops and the result is displayed. If you bet on a winning bet, you will receive a payout.

Super Sic Bo Guide

The type of prize you receive depends on the multiplier it has raised. The only wager that even money bets on the betting board cannot multiply. Available payments can be found in the table below.

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