Real Cash Games App In India

Real Cash Games App In India – What could be better than playing games and winning Paytm cash at the same time? Does that seem impossible to you? Well, playing online earning games to win money is very possible with make money apps in India.

You can find thousands of free games to play for fun. You can also play real money games to win real money online. This article covers the best money making games in India that promise unlimited fun and give you a chance to win real money with Paytm Cash. Isn’t that amazing?

Real Cash Games App In India

Real Cash Games App In India

So just take out your smartphone and play games to earn money. To play games and earn money as Paytm cash, make sure you have stable internet connection, make real money app and Paytm app on your mobile phone.

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You can choose your favorite real money games from a list of fun categories like Arcade, Puzzle, Sports, Fantasy Sports, Board Games, Card Games, Action Games, Trivia Games etc. and start playing. Moreover, these real money games are 100% legal to play in India and you can play unlimited money making apps games and win real cash prizes.

Here is the list of top 40 Paytm cash games to play online to make money in 2023. The games on this list are challenging and fun and are available on the Play Store and App Store. You can play online games with friends or real opponents online and earn money.

Mobile Premier League () is one of the best online gaming platforms in India to earn Paytm free cash. The app offers 60+ Paytm online money making games from different game genres like card games, fantasy sports, arcade games, sports games, puzzle games and more. Some of the most played games in the app are Fantasy Cricket, Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Football, 8 Ball Pool, Ludo and Carrom. The app offers free practice competitions against real opponents for multiple games and multiple cash competitions per game to earn Paytm cash. has something for every gamer, no matter what gaming category you prefer.

Striker is an advanced version of fantasy cricket and an online fantasy platform where users can form fantasy cricket teams to win cash prizes and trade player cards to make money in the Striker market. However, there are fundamental differences between the fantasy cricket app Striker and others.

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In the Striker app, the user gets player cards instead of players. Striker’s fantasy cricket team consists of a map with five players instead of 11 players. However, the market separates Striker from many fantasy cricket apps where you can sell, buy or rent player cards and make real money.

GetMega is an online real money gaming platform where you can play real money games with friends via video chat. The app provides 24/7 leads to earn Paytm cash. You can play different categories of games like card games, casual games, trivia and more.

If you like playing trivia games online, Qureka is your best platform to play games and earn money. The platform offers a live trivia game every hour. Therefore you can play around 25 different quizzes in one day and have a chance to win Paytm cash. You can play a variety of quizzes including GK, math and other subjects. This is a great app if you are a quiz master and want to show off your skills against friends and other online players.

Real Cash Games App In India

A carrom lovers paradise, Carrom Clash is a fun online cash game app. The app offers a user-friendly interface and a realistic gaming experience. If you are a professional carrom player, you can join carrom tournaments against global players in this app. Carrom Clash Carrom games are in 1v1 mode with real players online.

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Winzy is another great app to play free trivia and trivia games. Trivia game questions range from categories like history, sports, science and more. You can download the app directly from Play Store and play cash games to win Paytm cash and discount coupons. The platform also hosts regular events like Flash Play where users can win exciting prizes, making Winzy a fun gaming profit app.

If you like card games like Blackjack and Solitaire then 21 Blitz is for you. The game is a mixture of Solitaire and Blackjack. You can play free or cash games against friends to win cash prizes and progression rewards. The game also includes a player chat that allows players to chat with each other during gameplay.

Loco is a live game streaming app that allows you not only to play games but also to stream them. You can play online earning games like Call of Duty, CS, FIFA, PUBG, etc. or watch live streams of top players playing these games. The app offers single and multiplayer battles to earn money. Other popular online cash games you can play in the app are Carrom, Pool, Ludo and Bull Bash with friends for free or cash. You can also watch game tutorials, best skills, game highlights and other videos of your favorite games in the app.

Can’t play ludo because of long game? Ludo Ninja is the perfect earning games app for gamers who want to play quick ludo games to earn Paytm money. The game ends in only 24 moves, so you have to make your best moves quickly to get a higher score and defeat your opponents. There are no dice in the game. Therefore, your strategy and planning is what can make you win, rather than sheer luck.

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For the ultimate solitaire experience, try the Solitaire Cube real money gaming app. Solitaire Cube is a 1v1 player game where both players are dealt the same cards and the goal is to complete the game before the timer runs out. The app offers free games, cash games and tournaments to earn points. Players can redeem their points using Apple Pay, Amex, Visa, PayPal and Mastercard.

For bingo lovers, Blackout Bingo is the real money gaming app. The app offers a streamlined version of the classic bingo game. You can create your own avatars and play online against players from all over the world. The game also has unique boosters to increase your winning potential. Winners will be rewarded with exciting cash prizes and other prizes.

QrumbleBox is a popular platform for quiz games between two players. It’s a Paytm app that allows you to iron bets on various topics with friends. You can challenge your friends to the quiz and play to earn Paytm cash and referral rewards. The app provides multiple fun quiz themes including Cricket, Bollywood, Capital Letters, Tags, American Series like Friends, GOT and more. When you play and win trivia games on QrumbleBox, you earn Qrumbles that can be redeemed for Paytm cash.

Real Cash Games App In India

If you want to play fantasy sports online, Fan Fight is one of the online earning games that you can consider. On the Fan Fight platform, you can participate in live sports such as cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi and more. All you have to do is create your team for the upcoming game and win points based on the team players’ performance. . You can also create multiple teams and play with friends to win Paytm cash.

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Pocket League is another online money making app that allows you to play many paytm money making games. The app offers many casual games to play online against real players. It also offers a welcome bonus of Rs. Adds 20 new users and more money to the wallet as you keep playing games. The Paytm earning app can be downloaded directly from the website via an APK file.

GameGully is a fun games earning app that lets you play games and win money. The app often adds new and exciting games to keep users coming back for more games. Some of the fun online games you can play at GameGully are Gully Runner, Brain On, Soccer 2D, Bowling Striker, Bubble Shooter and Basketball.

The Paytm First Games platform is owned by Paytm and offers multiple genres of online cash games such as card games, fantasy games and other casual games. Players can play other favorite games online to earn Paytm cash. Popular games offered by the platform include Call Break, Rummy, Horse Racing and Trivia Live.

Ludo game in app is one of the best version of classic ludo game. Real money games app offers free ludo multiplayer games to play against online players. The games are played between two and four players, depending on which competition you choose. In the game you also have the option to roll the stick manually or have it roll automatically. Each player is given a time limit to take their turn after the dice has rolled a series of rolls. Realistic game physics in the Ludo game gives the feeling of playing the game on a physical board.

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Winzo is another popular multiplayer platform to play online games and earn money. You can choose

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