The Sky’s The Limit Slot

The Sky’s The Limit Slot – In the beginning, when it opened in 2012, Valley Forge Casino Resort was just a small casino. It was a product of Pennsylvania’s policy of allowing small casinos and limited access to gaming (at first), with gaming floors containing only 850 machines and 50 table games—large by continental standards but small by American standards. (The Valley Forge casino floor is the former exhibition space of the Valley Forge Convention Center, built in 1985.) The site still has a convention center, now defunct, and two hotels, including the Radisson.

However, Boyd Gaming looked at Valley Forge and saw the potential, purchasing the property for $281 million in 2018 and turning into one of the most trusted players in the greater Philadelphia area. (George Washington’s Valley Forge camp directly overlooks the resting place.)

The Sky’s The Limit Slot

The Sky's The Limit Slot

In another change, Boyd partnered with FanDuel in March 2019 to offer sports betting and, four months later, online sports betting, which turned Valley Forge into the Keystone State’s sports betting leader, a title it’s unlikely to lose. give up soon. suddenly.

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As the cherry on top of the sundae, Boyd recently tied Valley Forge with the B Connected loyalty program, replacing the Valley Club Rewards program and significantly expanding the loyalty benefits available to players. Given the land and digital success stories — and the challenges posed by Covid-19 — we spent time with CEO David Zerfing.

It was very important. Returning in March 2019, the sportsbook adds a new feature to our property and brings a new level of excitement to the casino floor. It is the same today. It brings a completely different demographic to the property and to the casino, so that’s been part of our success.

It’s different from the casino demographic before. It’s gotten a little old and the sports book has gotten a little old. It’s a crowd that has never visited Valley Forge before and is coming now, and it’s not just playing at the sports book. they play in the casino, a lot.

It’s a huge plus because it’s number one in sports betting, so when you see or hear an ad anywhere in Pennsylvania for FanDuel, it’s associated with Valley Forge. That’s a big plus for us, it keeps our name out there, it keeps us top of mind. It brings people to the property, so when people think of FanDuel and sports betting, they think of Valley Forge and that really helps us keep our brand out there and stay top of mind with our customers.

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The sky’s the limit, in my opinion. Every month we set a new record. We’re only following Nevada and New Jersey right now, but those are ripe sports betting markets, especially Nevada. I believe that in time, as Pennsylvania grows, we will be able to hold these two and the market will become larger.

Yes, it definitely helped us while we were closed, to have some income, but online casino was just starting at that time and there was no online sports betting at that time. Major sports in the US were also banned. Now of course it adds to our financial success and our bottom line, but at the end of the day, our main focus is the safety of our guests and the safety of our team members and the cleanliness of the floor – making sure people feel safe and secure . . We’re making sure it’s a place we provide, so it helps us now, but our main goal is to keep everyone safe until we get through this pandemic.

Because our standard is not as high as others, we have made some changes to open more slots. But the side of the table remains essentially the same.

The Sky's The Limit Slot

We have almost every other slot open, which brings us to 499 slots open right now. There are still 50 tables, the number of seats per table is much less than before. We basically run three people in the board game and six in crap.

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It didn’t happen here. We placed our sportsbook where a piece of it was part of our food court so it didn’t break up the existing casino space. This size fits great. It’s not like a Vegas sports book where people will be watching the games all day. There are a lot of people coming in, placing their bets, watching some games, leaving the casino floor, so it works very well here and it didn’t require us to reduce the casino floor at all.

With pandemic restrictions, do new slots and table products have a high bar to justify on floor space?

Due to the nature of our gaming license, our capacity is limited to tables and slots. We already have a very high bar to get a new slot or table product on our floor because we can’t add more games because we’re limited by our gaming license. We still have the same values. Each slot product or game will need to significantly increase revenue and profits. We’ve always seen it that way because of the license style of play we have here in Pennsylvania.

Overall, in 2020, after we reopen, saving is the most important thing for the end of this year. As we look into 2021, I think things will get back to normal, not just for the slot but all kinds of big investments.

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What kind of security measures have you put in place and which are likely to be permanent?

The general hygiene standards we have set will continue. All the extra cleaning we do is something that makes a lot of sense. Of course, after the pandemic is over, we will open all gaming machines and allow people to return to all table games. But the appearance of the overall cleanliness of the casino, is night and day with the tireless effort of the staff who do this and the management team, and everyone who steps in to help and ensure that the casino area is clean and safe.

We have one of our towers open now, the Casino Tower, and weekends are loud, like before the pandemic and sometimes less so during the non-party week. We have had many parties here in the past and it actually filled one of the towers of our hotel. This tower is closed at this point.

The Sky's The Limit Slot

When the pandemic ends and the group’s business starts moving again and activities start happening [again], we expect to reopen this tower and start selling to these people again.

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We opened our steakhouse and our food court is open. The pool was closed in the summer. Apparently it would be closed right now. Also, the gym is not open at this time. Not all bars, due to the restrictions we have, are open either.

It is a great benefit. He’s sure to be a 600 pound gorilla here in Pennsylvania. Our business loyalty program is much better than our competitors. It is very experience based. Players will get free cruises to the Bahamas, Las Vegas as part of their program and level of play. It is very useful for us because the system offers many benefits to our customers.

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