Unique Casinos

Unique Casinos – After last weeks article about 3 budget friendly places in Las Vegas I thought I would do the same thing for casinos. These will be places that offer something a little different while you play. This list will focus mainly on tabletop games.

These are 4 of my favorite places to gamble in Las Vegas because they offer something unique that sets these places apart from other casinos.

Unique Casinos

Unique Casinos

O’Sheas is actually part of the Linq casino but I will treat it separately in the list. Until a few years ago, O’Sheas used to be a stand-alone casino but was demolished to make way for shops and restaurants leading to the High Roller. The new O’Sheas is a much improved version, the old one was worn but still has its charm.

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What makes this place unique is that it has a local bar. They have 10-15 blackjack tables, a large wood burning bar, beer pong tables, and live music. It’s unique because this combination makes it feel like any other bar but happens to offer blackjack.

The original O’Sheas was one of the first, if not the first, casinos to add beer to the play area. You can buy jars at the bar for about $20 each.

I can’t think of another casino that offers live music while you play. On nights they don’t have live music they have a DJ working.

I discussed gambling at Ellis Island briefly during my article on budget restaurants in Las Vegas. What makes this place unique, apart from the 5 dollar tables, is that the vendors dress up as celebrities for the evening. They even used lip sync between treatments, but a student informed me that it no longer happens. Hopefully they will bring it back.

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Ellis Island also offers prizes to people who hit certain combinations while playing blackjack. If you hit the right blackjack of the day (diamonds, spades, hearts, clubs) then you win a free growler from their brewery. That’s like winning $15 without getting paid in blackjack!

Ellis Island also allows you to spin their prize wheel to draw 7’s of 21. You could win an Ellis Island hat or t-shirt etc.

Those added bonuses, along with the costumed merchants, make this place unique. Don’t forget to grab the $8.99 Steak dinner while you’re there!

Unique Casinos

Golden Gate Casino is located on Fremont Street. It is the oldest and smallest hotel in the Fremont Street experience. This might be my favorite casino to play in Vegas because everyone always has a good time here. It is less serious than music casinos and has lower limits.

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What makes it unique though is that each vendor takes the opportunity to dance in the middle of the pit. While many casinos have party pits etc with loud music and dancing, I can’t think of many others that have their dealers do it.

I think that’s what makes this place even more fun. Salespeople seem funnier, more outgoing, and more energetic when they work. I think turning to dance gets their endorphins pumping and puts them in a good mood. I rarely, if ever, deal with an angry salesman there…unique, especially in Las Vegas.

If I’m being honest, the Golden Nugget is my favorite hotel in Las Vegas…it’s a shame their player program is so lacking. It is the most beautiful hotel on Fremont Street.

The general part of the casino is very nice, but it’s just as nice as the rest of the place. The most unique feature of this hotel is its swimming pool. More accurately I would say the Shark tank in the middle of the pool. And wouldn’t you know they have a few tables by the pool where you can gamble.

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The best time to go is in the evening when the pool is closed. It’s a little cooler and you get a nice breeze from the waterfall. And you can turn around and watch the Sharks swim while you wait for the new deck to be cut!

I think these are 4 great, unique options for Las Vegas card players. Each one offers something a little different and there should be something for everyone.

What do you think is the best place to play in Las Vegas? Let me know in the comments section!

Unique Casinos

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The Las Vegas International Airport has suffered a Disaster, a Fire, a $100K robbery and 10 years of Formula 1!

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The World’s Most Beautiful, Unusual And Unique Casinos To Visit In 2021

Marina Bay Sands located in Singapore is the most profitable casino in the world. This extreme casino is located right in the middle of the shopping mall so you won’t have to go far to spend your winnings! The casino has 1500 slot machines, 600 gaming tables and a wonderful decoration that creates a comfortable atmosphere. If you are a tourist visiting Singapore, you can enter the casino for free. That said, Singapore residents must pay $100 to enter, so make sure you bring a valid ID like your passport to prove you’re not a resident.

There is no better casino than Place du Casino in Monte Carlo. This casino-hotel establishment is the quintessential Monte-Carlo location, with all the grandeur and glitzy style that Monte-Carlo represents. The glittering casino was featured in several James Bond films such as Casino Royale. After betting your luck in the casino, you can climb the stairs that will lead you to the charming Paris hotel. From the amazing sculptures to the marble columns and crystal chandeliers, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most attractive casinos and hotels in the world. The hotel has exclusive access to the private beach of Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Monte-Carlo Country Club, Golf Club, and Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. You will be filled with fun and relaxation.

This unique Indian-themed casino is located right on the Atlantic City boardwalk. I was amazed by the amazing decoration of glittering chandeliers, towering domes and stone elephants, all seen by Donald Trump. It includes 2,248 rooms and is famous for its poker tables and tournaments. There’s a lot of fun to be had from a smoke-free poker room to a high-stakes living room. When you’re hungry, visit the Hard Rock Cafe at the resort.

Unique Casinos

This casino is located in French Canada, near Quebec City. It is the perfect destination for casino lovers who appreciate the beautiful view of the Laurentian Mountains. Get ready to have fun at this casino because all you need for an evening is the excitement of gambling. The casino has a wide range of games from poker to blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slot machines and more. When you’re hungry, you can eat at one of the hotel’s three restaurants. We highly recommend Le Saint-Laurent, which welcomes you every night of the week with an à la carte menu featuring fresh regional ingredients. Although only 405 rooms, Casino-de-Charlevoix is ​​a tower of unique content

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