Crazy Time Website

Crazy Time Website – Sometimes the question arises, which makes a lot of sense – have new games been invented? This is a very valid question because every time the everyday gambler visits their favorite online game or brick and mortar game, they stick to slots or roulette games. But back to the question, the answer is definitely yes. One game studio is a master of new game concepts, and that’s Evolution Gaming. The new title is called Crazy Time and it’s a hybrid of roulette and wheel of fortune. It’s also a live game, which doubles the excitement it already provides. This is a brand new release and not all details have been revealed yet, but let’s take a look at most of what you’ll need.

If you are a player who likes to avoid details and a long list of rules of the game, like poker, then Crazy Time is for you. Just a reminder, in case you didn’t know, a live game is played behind a digital device. However, the action is handled by a real dealer in a studio somewhere around the world. Everything is streamed live, so the game is 100% real.

Crazy Time Website

Crazy Time Website

Crazy Time sees you staring at a man standing next to a giant Ferris wheel. Most of the wheel pins are numbers – 1, 2, 5 and 10. The numbers come in a sequence of 5, a bonus pin, and then another sequence of 5 numbers. Each sequence of numbers contains 1’s and 2’s rather than 5’s and 10’s. This is because you have to bet on the number you think the wheel will land on. If you choose the correct number, your bet will be multiplied by that number. Betting on one or two is more likely to win because most of the spokes on the wheel are those numbers. Betting on fives or even 10s means less chance of winning. However, the reward will be quite high.

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As you can see, Crazy Time is very easy to play and has a non-stop thrill ride. Players who enjoy multiple spins of roulette will surely enjoy this game, and many of the intricacies of roulette are removed for a simpler experience.

Although you have the choice of betting four different multiplier amounts, there are four bonuses that can be wagered. The bonus feature you can land on the wheel is the coin flip, and that’s because it’s on four spokes. This is a simple bonus feature concept to understand. There is a multiplier on one side of the coin and you have to flip the coin to get the multiplier.

Cash Hunt! The bonus will be on two spokes and will take you to a screen full of multipliers. These numbers then become symbols to be shuffled and means you have to select the desired icon to represent the multiplier. The Pachinko bonus can be found on both shelves, which sees a selection of cash prizes located at the bottom of the screen. The ball then falls towards these marks, bouncing until it stops at one of the marks.

The latest and most effective of all bonuses is the Crazy Time bonus. This is the most difficult bet to land because there is only one ray for the Crazy Time bonus. This bonus takes you to another wheel where you can bet 200x.

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Crazy Time is now available to play! It is easy to play and has enough payout potential to keep players entertained and rewarded. Keep an eye out for its upcoming release.

Yes, you can play Crazy Time right here at the party! Create an account and you’ll be playing in minutes.

Crazy Time is the latest live dealer game from Evolution Gaming, which is believed to be the most expensive game ever created. This is a big money wheel where you can win real cash prizes.

Crazy Time Website

Crazy Time has 4 bonus rounds: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Crazy Time Bonus Wheel.

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The party is operated by LC International Limited, licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission under account number 54743. From the hugely successful Dream Catcher, Crazy Time enters the Evolution stage in 2020 and completes the live game show experience. By setting up a game show with a real casino dealer and a great prize wheel, Crazy Time has taken the online casino market by storm and won Evolution The Innovation of Casino Entertainment at the 2020 SBC Awards.

Crazy Time is a live game show with a 54-segment wheel containing a total of 8 bets. The game offers 4 betting numbers, each with available slots and bet payouts, along with 4 unique bonus games that bring even more excitement to the table.

The game has also been differentiated by adding special win multipliers to bets or the Top Slot feature, which spins a set of 2 reels to level up 1 of the 4 bonus games available.

Crazy Time is earned by accurately predicting the space the wheel will land at the end of a spin. You can bet on up to 8 squares with payouts depending on which square lands.

Crazy Time Strategy

The safest bet is on space 1, as it has the highest number of repetitions on the wheel at 21 times and offers the lowest payout of 1:1. The highest paying bet is the 10 bet, which pays 10:1 and only appears 4 times on the wheel.

That’s not all, as the reels spin over the wheel releasing 1 of the 8 boxes on each spin and a multiplier applied to all winning values ​​at the end of the spin. If the multiplier is applied to the bonus game, the winning values ​​during the bonus game will be updated according to the value of the multiplier. For example:

Everyone loves a bonus game, and with this strategy it’s the #1 priority. Place bets at any price on just 4 bonus games, never miss when they hit. Remember that each bonus game has a different number of segments available on the board, meaning you can vary your bets for each bonus game depending on the segment’s winning odds. The Coin Flip Bonus feature has a maximum of 4 occurrences, while the Crazy Time Bonus has only one event on the wheel.

Crazy Time Website

This strategy allows you to avoid all bonus slots and only bet on the numbered slots. This is one of the safest strategies because the numbered spaces occupy the most space on the wheel, with only 1 making up 21 segments. In total, the numbered slots represent 45 of the total 54 wheel segments available, meaning that the probability of a winning number is very high.

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The Martingale is one of the most popular roulette strategies available and is so popular that a version was created for Crazy Time. Basically you decide your bets and for each win you keep the same bets but double the bet values. The idea behind this strategy is that for the amounts you lose, you compensate your losses when you win.

Can’t choose your favorite bet? Place bets on all available boxes to increase your chances of winning. Also, this strategy allows you to participate in bonus games whenever they appear. Set all spaces to the same value, or if you’re feeling strategic, mix and match bet values ​​based on what you’ve won the most in the current game.

A version of the safe-play strategy where you match your bet to the odds of each available number. For example

The risk of this strategy is slightly higher, the payouts are maximum when rolling high numbers like 5 or 10.

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In addition to the standard bets that award cash prizes, Crazy Time also offers 4 unique bonus games where you can win juicy prizes. Bonus games are activated when you land at the end of a wheel spin.

To participate in the bonus game, you must place a bet in the corresponding bonus game slot during the betting period. If the top slot multiplier is applied to a bonus game, active multipliers during the bonus game will be leveled up until the game is played.

The puck is thrown from above and in the space below it, its multiplier is applied to the activation bet.

Crazy Time Website

Aim for a few of the 108 available characters and when the timer runs out, shoot to unlock multipliers.

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