Traction Crazy Time

Traction Crazy Time – Our new Crazy Time Tracker is now live. Follow the results of Evolution Gaming’s new game concept. Never miss an experience with our detailed tracking.

We record exactly what happens during all rounds of the game and how it happens. See which picks and bonus rounds are paying out big and replay the videos to watch the action in real time.

Traction Crazy Time

Traction Crazy Time

See which dealer has the most luck with the wheel and see how much time has passed since the start of the bonus round. We packed as many features as possible into our new tracking platform.

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You can also watch Crazy Time live directly from your browser or mobile device so you can follow the games without having to log into the casino.

Our video capture system is always online and requires no login so you can watch live on any device.

We are always open to new ideas and changes that players want. Feel free to contact us anytime via the comment section or via the support link to share your thoughts with us. We really hope you enjoy the new Crazy Time Tracker and we wish you the best of luck in the game.

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Crazy Time Live was first introduced at the online casino convention, ICE in London in the fall of 2019. As convention attendees, we felt that this game would be a game changer, and there is no doubt that it is.

Traction Crazy Time

The most popular game in India is undoubtedly Teen Patti. However, Crazy Time Live is gaining traction and is slowly but surely closing the gap.

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Now that you are looking for a good Crazy Time betting strategy, we assume that you have either tested the game or will.

We are pleased to inform you that this guide was written by real professionals. And the focus is on the combination of winability, balance protection and fun in the game.

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You’ll learn more about segment probability, how the game works, and be introduced to the six best strategies, depending on your play style.

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We believe that this crazy way of presenting betting strategies will give you and every other player a great opportunity to increase the fun of one of the most popular games in the world.

You can delve into the details by reading from top to bottom or jump straight to the section you’re looking for by clicking on the table of contents below.

A good strategy will protect you from losing too much at once, while giving you a fair chance of winning. However, when we researched how to play Crazy Time in 2019 in search of the best strategy, the goal was not to create a good strategy, but to develop the best strategy.

Traction Crazy Time

It was clear to us that we had to solve the mathematics behind the game. What is not so obvious is that all players have different goals when playing. The big question then becomes, how can we come up with the best strategy – regardless of who the readers are?

Crazy Time Live: See Crazy Time Tracker History In Casino Games

We believe we have answered this and some other questions. In this section, we will analyze what factors we consider when creating the best Crazy Time strategy.

The Crazy Time Wheel consists of 54 segments that the player can land on, and each of these segments has a payout. If you placed a bet on a winning segment, you will be charged a payout.

This is important information when putting together a betting strategy for Crazy Time Live. The way we handle this information is by balancing bets in a way that combines different levels of balance protection and different levels of risk.

Different levels of risk are an important factor when it comes to what a player is playing for, as you will see below.

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There is a common misconception around RTP that it is the percentage that a player can expect to be rewarded in the long run. This is a dangerous interpretation of the term.

The correct interpretation of RTP is that it is the percentage that the total pool of players can expect in return over the long term, with variations from player to player. Some people win big, some win little, and some lose in the long run.

The RTP on Crazy Time live is between 95% and 96%. However, as you can see in the table above, the RTP varies between segments.

Traction Crazy Time

This variation in RTP is very important information when creating a Crazy Time strategy because the player can choose which betting sites he wants to bet on.

Crazy Time Tracker Is Here

Although Crazy Time’s RTP bonus rounds are not the best, they are still important to the game. The reason is the great potential of 20,000 times your winnings. For almost any strategy it is important that you bet on at least one bonus round.

In Pachinko, the game host will drop the puck from the top of the screen. The puck will bounce all the way to the bottom, where the multiplier will be waiting.

It’s not hard to guess what the Coin Flip bonus game is about. The host of the game will use a coin toss machine consisting of a red side and a blue side. Each suit has a multiplier assigned to it, and the suit facing up when the screw is on will determine which multiplier you win.

In the Cash Hunt bonus game, you have to find your inner shooter. Use your finger on the phone or the mouse on the desktop to select the symbol. This symbol will have a hidden multiplier, and when it is revealed, you will win that multiplier.

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The Crazy Time bonus round is the heart of the game. More impressive money wheels will be revealed and the multipliers can be out of this world. Choose your favorite color and you will get whatever multiplier matches your color.

Balance control is an important part of gambling, and it’s especially important when playing a series like Crazy Time Live. The game from Evolution has a sneaky way of quickly destroying your balance if you don’t use a good strategy.

Our Crazy Time strategy focuses on balancing protection and risk to ensure you get enough game time to make the strategy count.

Traction Crazy Time

We use something called units to show you Crazy Time strategy. This is because we don’t know your budget and it’s impossible to give a definite recommendation without using the unit.

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The unit is as much as you want. The industry standard is for 1 unit to be 1% of your total balance. If you have a balance of 100,000 INR and your units are set to 1%, one unit will be 1,000 INR.

Since Crazy Time has a handy auto-repeat function, we recommend that you set the auto-repeat to 10 laps before adjusting yours. This will ensure that you don’t overspend.

Before playing any game, you should find out what your goal is by playing it. This can range from wanting to kill time and relax to dreaming of big wins.

If your goal is simply to be entertained for as long as possible, a low volatility strategy will be the best strategy for you. If you just want to win big and don’t care about small payouts, a high volatility strategy will be the best strategy.

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We mentioned that the balance between risk and safety is very important when it comes to the purpose of gaming. This is because a higher volatility strategy implies higher risk, while lower volatility means higher safety. This is due to a smaller difference in the frequency of payouts.

If you have experience playing casino games, you are probably used to having only one strategy that is superior to the rest. However, with games and especially Crazy Time Live, there are different strategies that can be used and all of them can be considered the best.

It all boils down to what we described above; what is your goal of playing.

Traction Crazy Time

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